Nursing training and continuing education

Your educational institution for vocational and advanced training in nursing

We have more than 30 years of expertise as a state-recognised training institution for nursing in Berlin.

We are characterised by professional teaching, close mentoring of participants and expertise in the field. Due to small course sizes and a familiar relationship with trainees and participants, we are proud of our high completion and success rates.

In order to meet the complex requirements of nursing, our teaching staff focus on methodical interactive teaching and a close integration of theory and practice. This ensures that participants are optimally prepared to apply what they have learnt.

What we offer
Get to know our nursing and continuing education programs

Thanks to our many years of expertise in the field of nursing and continuing education, we provide the best training and further education possible.

We offer you a close integration of theory and practice in the form of multimodal training concepts, supported by our high-quality technical equipment.

Generalist Nursing Training
Nursing Training with focus on Pediatrics
Pediatric Intensive Care
Anesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine
Recognition of International Nursing Qualifications
Your training and continuing education at the DHZB Academy
What makes us special
Individual and close support

It is our priority to provide individual and personalised support to our participants during their time at DHZB Academy. We have fostered a familial relationship with our apprentices and participants for over 30 years, as we deeply care about personal development upon entry and progression in the field of nursing. We support participants both in theoretical instruction and practical application, encouraging interaction among them.

Lifelong learning

We encourage our apprentices and participants to pursue further education and training, and upon completion of the DHZB Academy, to make informed decisions based on their competencies. Lifelong learning is indispensable in the field of nursing.

Cooperation with the DHZC

Our close cooperation with the German Heart Centre of the Charité (DHZC) enables us to offer you a comprehensive training and further education program with renowned experts. You will benefit from our close links to clinical practice and gain insights into current research and nursing developments.

Central location in Berlin

Our training centre is located in the centre of Berlin and is easily accessible. The proximity to the historic Virchow Campus and the convenient public transport connections make it easy for you to attend our training courses. The high-quality infrastructure of our training centre ensures a pleasant learning environment in which you can concentrate fully on the training content.

Nursing training with the German Heart Centre of the Charité

Continuing education
Continuing education in Nursing

Lecturers in nursing and continuing education

The DHZB Academy is staffed with permanently employed, state-qualified teachers in training and continuing education.

Our external lecturers are professionally and didactically competent and have practical experience. As a result, our participants benefit from application-oriented knowledge and the latest scientific findings. Practice-orientated learning is the standard at DHZB Academy.

Contact persons
Christoph Steinbrügge
Pflege und Pflegerische Weiterbildung
Susanne Witte
Fachliche Leitung
Pädiatrische Intensivpflege
+49 30 4593 7126
Elke Meilwes
Pädagogische Leitung
Anästhesie & Intensivmedizin
+49 30 4593 7250
Yvonne Hertog
Kurs für Internationale Anerkennung
+49 30 4593 7145
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