Driven by a passion for excellent cardiac medicine and nursing

The DHZB Academy for cardiovascular medicine and healthcare professions

Originating from the German Heart Center Berlin, the DHZB Academy bundles modern training and advanced training programs for medical and nursing staff. Under the sponsorship of the DHZB Foundation and as a strategic partner of the German Heart Center of the Charité, we focus in particular on the rapidly developing field of cardiovascular health.

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Training and continuing education
Cardiac Imaging
Training programs
Physician Assistance
Study program
For school graduates

In cooperation with the German Heart Center of the Charité, we offer you a varied and well-founded apprenticeship to become a qualified nurse. Our nursing training is characterized by particularly personal supervision and a focus on the interesting areas of cardiac and paediatric medicine.

For healthcare professionals
Continuing education and study programs

Are you looking for opportunities for further professional development in a clinical environment? We offer established training and study programs in intensive care, cardiovascular perfusion and physician assistance. Expand your qualifications and take on new tasks in your clinic.

For doctors
Continuing education

Imaging procedures offer safety in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular diseases. Learn about modern procedures from leading doctors at the German Heart Centre.

For clinics and companies
Customised training for your team

Would you like to offer your teams customised interprofessional team training on cardiac imaging and intensive care medicine subjects and processes? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.