Continuing educationRecognition for the DGK logbook for additional training in CMRT

CardioCaseMix - 25 cases of cardiac MRI

Learn cardiac MRI anywhere and anytime and collect cases for the DGK logbook

In our “CardioCaseMix”, we guide you through the diagnosis of cardiac MRI examinations on our digital learning platform using image and video material that we have compiled and didactically prepared for you at the German Heart Centre of the Charité.

After working through the cases, you can earn CME points (continuing medical education points) through a learning success check. The cases can also be used for the DGK’s “Additional qualification in cardiac MRI” logbook.

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What you can expect
9 CME points
Recognition for the DGK logbook for additional training in CMRT
Partner Institution
Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité
Target Group
Doctors in cardiology, radiology and internal medicine
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The CMRT case collection currently comprises 25 clinical cases that cover the entire spectrum of common CMRT indications (based on the logbook specifications of the specialist associations) and typical findings. In terms of content, the case collection is primarily aimed at colleagues who are at the beginning of their further training in the field of CMRT and are aiming for Level I/Level II certification.

As in the clinic, the MRI examinations are embedded in a clinical case so that, in addition to the findings, essential aspects such as the correct indication and clinical consequences of the MRI examination can be understood. In each case, you will be guided step-by-step through the diagnosis of a cardiac MRI using cine sequences and exemplary image sections. Each case concludes with learning objectives for MRI diagnostics of the respective clinical picture and a multiple choice question, which serves to deepen the learning success and is not included in the final evaluation.

After reviewing all 25 cases, you will be activated for the final learning success check, which consists of 10 multiple choice questions. If you answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly, you will receive a certificate with which you can claim the 25 cases for the logbook of the DGK additional training in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and receive CME points.

Registration for the case database
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CardioCaseMix - 25 cases of cardiac MRIDuration6 to 8 hours to completeFormatOnline Learning PlatformPrice150,00 €LanguageGerman
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What makes us special
Learn cardiac MRI using cases from a level 3 cardiac centre

With our digital case database, we offer you an ideal supplement to our existing training courses and face-to-face training at certified training centres.

Flexible learning
Work on the case database anytime and anywhere
Certified participation
Collect CME points and cases for your DGK logbook
Wide-ranging CaseMix
Learn about a broad range of indications in a level 3 university centre
Peer Review
Benefit from our collaboration with DHZC experts
25 cases for the DGK logbook in just a few steps

You book access to the case database on this website. You will then receive your personal access to our learning platform within one working day.

Processing of the 25 cases

Work on the cases with your personal user access when and how it suits you. Your access code is valid for one month.

Learning success control

After reviewing all cases, you will be activated for the final learning success check, which consists of 10 multiple choice questions, of which at least 7 must be answered correctly.

Erhalt der Zertifikate

After completing the case database, the learning success assessment and the evaluation, you will receive a certificate of participation with which you can claim 25 cases for the DGK logbook. CME points have been applied for at the Berlin Medical Association.

Scientific Management
Welcome to the DHZB case database
Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Kelle
Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité
Dr. med. Stefanie Werhahn
Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité
Participation in the development of the database

The case database currently includes clinical cases from the field of cardiac MRI and cardiac CT; other imaging modalities such as echocardiography will also be included in the future.

The clinical cases shown have been prepared by cardiological colleagues throughout Germany and checked for accuracy by our review board. The Department of Cardiac Imaging at the German Heart Centre of the Charité (Campus Virchow Klinikum site) was the source of the idea and the first cooperation partner and played a key role in setting up the case database. However, with the support of the German Society of Cardiology, we are now working together with various locations throughout Germany. Many thanks at this point!

Are you also interested in participating in the development of the joint database of the DZHB Academy and the DGK? For example, with an instructive clinical case that you would like to share with other colleagues?

We look forward to your interest and to hearing from you!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

Do you have questions about the case database? Please contact our program management team at the DHZB Academy.